Team HO.OP/MANA Basketball is a 501(3)(c) non-profit recognized as a program for kids.
The organization was founded in March of 2003 when parents of middle school girls wanted their children to learn more about the game and wanted to build confidence within for their kid’s for the next level of basketball.

Within 6 months of the team being put together and made it being made up of 7th/8th grades, 2 7th grades, 7 8th graders the team won it' first ever National Title in the Las Vegas National Shootout. That same team statyed together and won 2 more titles the AAUGrade Base Nationals, and the Hawaii Classic on O'ahu. They won sevral tournaments in their time together. They stayed together until they graduated.  Since then, the program has expanded into boys teams from 5th grade through high school, and and added more girls teams.

Now we service players from all over the Pennisula and we don't like leaving anyone behind. We want to help all kids that have the desire to get to the next level.

Team HOOP MANA is a supporter and a host organization for the California State Games. This is a statewide amateur sports festival and a501(c) 3 non-profit organization. The mission of the Games is to promote and nurture the health, education, and well-being of residents by managing a high quality amateur sports event that encourages community participation and provides an olympic-style experience. The first California State Games was held in 1988. The Games is a member of the National Congress of State Games and of the United States Olympic Committee.
Team HOOP MANA has been a particapant of this event for 10 years and has had great success in winning Gold medals at basketball.