MANA B&B Classic
Cal State Games
2018 TBD

Cal State Qualifier

Cal State Qualifier
1st Place Winners

Sporting their 1st Place medals

Hardwood Palace
9th/GJV Champions 2016

Hardwood Palace
BV Champions

​“Hardwork is the process in which dreams become reality.”
Gordon B. Hinkley

Coach Joe's Motto
1. God & Family
2. Academics     
3. Basketball     
AAU Club Code  WYTTC6

Jamtown 5th Grade 2015 1st Place

THM Having Fun!
  1. MANA Basketball WINNING!!!
    MANA Basketball WINNING!!!
    Angie showing the trophies that teams won!!!
  2. Touring Kapiolani Palace on O'ahu
    Touring Kapiolani Palace on O'ahu
    Players on a tour to the Queens Palace in Honolulu 2009
  3. GV in O'ahu, Hawaii at PCC
    GV in O'ahu, Hawaii at PCC
    GV on a trip to Hawaii to compete in the "Hawaii Classic Championships" The girls are on fun trip to the Polynesian Cultural Center 2007
What We Believe
                          Team HO.OP. MANA MISSION STATEMENT

The mission statement of Team HO.OP /MANA is represented in our name,HO.OP = HOpe and OPportunity
through basketball and MANA = Hawaiian means "Spirit", Samoan "Strength", and Tongan "Miracle". If a kids Spirit is Strong, then Miracles can happen.

This program strives to develop the members, both physically and mentally. Our staff is dedicated to improve the lives of youths through fun and AAU instructional sports training program. Our 
coaches provide not just basic fundamentals of basketball but also life skills that form the foundation of positive growth and maturity as well as boots in self-confidence.

Our goal at Team HO.OP/MANA is to further develop the character and qualities of the young men and women in our program  to use their intellect, physical and social gifts to enrich their own lives in order to contribute and impact society every day. Through Team HO.OP /MANA, we thrive to empower and pass along the ideals for cultural diversity and harmony through sportsmanship and teamwork. We encourage our players to create positivity, confidence and become reliable role models in
the present and into the future!

Here at Team HO.OP/MANA, the players are not referred to as just an ‘athlete or student’ but better known as “STUDENT ATHLETES”.

Coach Joe’s motto and expectation in his program:
1st God and Family … 2nd Academics … 3rd Basketball

“Hardwork is the process in which dreams become reality.”
Gordon B. Hinkley

  1. Player Of The Week
  2. Defensive Player
  3. Academic Student Of Month
Meet Our Staff
Coach Joe Olive'
Director of Operations
Boys Varsity
​Assistant GV
​Assist. BJV
Coach Mike Javier
Assist. Director & Coach

​9 yrs-11 yrs
Coach June Carnecer
​Girls Varsity
​Assistant BV
Coach Justin Fochtman
 JV Boys